BTC Robot Review 2020: What to Expect?

The rise of Bitcoin has resulted in an increase in the amount of attention cryptocurrency trading is receiving. In recent times, more people are willing to invest in the cryptocurrency market, learning about the market, creating strategies to win, and improve their portfolio.

However, as the cryptocurrency market is extremely unstable and volatile, it is no wonder that many are hesitant. This is where trading bots like BTC robot come into play. These enable 24×7 connectivity with the market, making sure that no opportunity is lost, and that response to sudden changes occurs immediately.

What is BTC Robot?

BTC Robot is a trading bot that offers up to 150% return on the investment. It is a software program aimed at automating crypto trade, buying at a lower price, and selling them at a higher price. This bot ensures constant monitoring of the market, ensuring that no fluctuation in the market goes unnoticed. It carries out an analysis of the market to know the current conditions, so as to make the best profits.

For one to make use of BTC Robot, a broker account with Metatrader4 has to be created, which provides an MT4 broker package, inclusive of the bot, available for both Windows and iOS. BTC Robot reinstates the fact that making money with bitcoins using only the BTC robot miner is a way of the past, and there are newer, more efficient ways to make use of the crypto market.


BTC Robot Review: Features of BTC Robot

1) Easy Installation and use

The robot is extremely easy to configure and does not take more than a few steps to start trading. Unlike other bots that might require extensive installation and trading knowledge, BTC robot place a great deal of importance on user comfort, making sure to add an easy to use interface that does not take much time to set up.

2) Low minimum limit

Trading can be done by investing as little as $100, with a recommendation of $500 for a reasonable profit.

3) Effective trading

The fact that the bot can make trades in a short amount of time makes it a huge winner. With its special stealth technology, the bot can react to any fluctuation faster than human traders. In addition, the bot is constantly in touch with the market, which makes sure that the trader does not lose out on any sudden opportunities, and in case of any losses, immediate action can be taken, minimizing all losses.

4) Transaction fees absent

The bot does not involve any banks that cut regulation costs, making sure that all profits reach the user alone.

5) Safety

The BTC bot is safe and secure, as no bank details are stored, and the bot itself cannot be used to withdraw funds or for other such purposes, making it a safe way to handle trade.

6) No commission

While most bots require a percentage as commission, the BTC robot ensures that the user gets all the profit.

Can one really make money using the BTC Robot?

The BTC robot claims to give 150% profit on investment, which is a big promise to offer to the users. There have been reviews where users have claimed huge profits, and there have been users who have lost money too. While reviews are fairly well distributed, the website offers a 60 day refund policy, which allows users to make sure the bot is profitable before going for a solid plan.

There have been many users who claim a reasonable amount of profit, which brings us to the conclusion that the bot is indeed profitable in the long term.

Advantages of BTC Robot

Trading with a bit certainly has its perks, and the advantages of the BTC robot  are highlighted below:

  1. Works especially well in a stable market, giving users $1500 on a $1000 investment, a 150% return rate. This is very attractive to a newcomer, as it saves them the trouble of having to learn and understand market strategy, and make tough decisions.
  2. Easy setup and configuration, ensuring that the user does not need technical knowledge to make trades.
  3. 60-day money back policy, ensuring that users can try out BTC robot before making a decision.
  4. Emotionless, logic-based decisions, which are not clouded by human instincts, doubts and frustrations
  5. Quicker response time as compared to humans, making better profits, and minimizing losses

Disadvantages of BTC Robot

As with all things, there are certain risks and disadvantages when it comes to using the BTC robot, that a user must be aware of.

  1. The description of the product in the website is not entirely accurate, as reported by a number of users. This has been deemed shady by a lot of customers, and many have expressed concerns over the same. This also brings in doubts about how trustworthy the service is, and whether one can actually depend on the bot.
  2. The customer service is not top notch, and could use a few improvements.

BTC Robot Pricing

The BTC bot comes in 3 plans as per your requirement. These are-

  1. Silver Plan, priced at $19.99 per month, offering a single license on an MT4 broker of your choice
  2. Gold Plan, priced at $39.99 per month, offering 3 licenses and one MT4 broker
  3. Platinum Plan, priced at $399, providing 3 licenses on 3 MT4 brokers of your choice, for a year.

BTC Robot Review: Worth Your $$?

The BTC bot is one that has satisfied many customers and can be tried in any plan for 60 days. If the bot does not perform as per your expectations, you are free to refund the money spent. The fact remains that with more people investing in trading bots to perform crypto trades, the days of BTC robot miners are long gone. The question still remains whether BTC robots are the right choice for you to improve your portfolio and bring in maximum profits, and this can only be decided upon trial.

However, it is high time to invest in a trading bot of your choice, and as far as the options in the market are concerned, the BTC robot is a safe bet for sure.

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