Haasbot Review 2020: The Only Review you Need to Read

With the rising interest towards the sphere of cryptocurrency trading, there are many people willing to invest a significant amount of their time and resources towards the same. The only thing missing in the mix is the availability of ample resources and the solution to dealing with a dynamic market teeming with activity 24×7.

The fact that cryptocurrency is here to stay does little to alleviate the concerns for a large majority of people. Into this mix is placed the idea of trading bots like Haasbot that aim at better results and higher profits. Sounds good? Definitely.

Trading bots are software that analyse the crypto market and make trades on behalf of the users, being present in the trade game all the time without succumbing to human inconveniences like sleep, emotions, and slow response.

This is a dream come true for all traders, from the novice to the expert, as it gives them the relief that their portfolio is taken care of even if they cannot spend every second of their life poring over the numerous graphs and charts pertaining to the crypto market (which is, of course, only human, and not something that we should be penalized for).

While trading bots not only make the market a place of equal opportunity, they are also a chance for traders to perfect their strategies and analyse trends of the market, thereby becoming continuously better at it. This is one way to get used to the world of crypto trade with the least risks. It is high time too since the rest of the world is already there.

What is Haasbot?

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HaasBot is an online automated trading platform under the website HaasOnline as the personal project of Stephan de Haas. Its main aim is to ensure the smooth trading of digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. Functional since 2014, the company boasts an impressive executive team and is completely transparent in their management.

The HaasOnline Trading Service is the main attraction of the company, and the HaasBot is its winning feature. The software is largely community-oriented and any new results and features are all a product of direct input and demands from the online community. With constant updates and tweaks being made, HaasBot 4.0 is slated for release this year.

While the bot is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux, it requires at least 4 cores and 2GB of memory, along with a 5 mbps download speed for functioning. The package consists of bots, insurance, safeties, and technical indicators.

l Bots – With access to 15 different bots, the pricing tier you choose defines the kind you get to use. A few examples of bots are

n Trade Bot – It carries out trade based on the other aspects of the package. It is basic and user friendly , with user control in configuration, and has the flexibility to run simple as well as complex strategies.

n Index Bot -Works on your portfolio of cryptocurrencies by rebalancing your digital assets in both crypto and advanced form.

n Accumulation Bot – Used to adjust your position in the market and perform your trades with controlled spillage.

n Intellibot Alice – For high value crypto

l Insurances – Special conditions to determine a trade

l Safety – Events that trigger a buy or sell

l Indicators – Factors for analysis

With 20 different exchanges being integrated with HaasBot, it is an absolute delight to work with and gives a rather decent learning curve and great plans. The community support and customer care are also plus points when it comes to HaasBot. With enough users vouching for the software to be perfectly legitimate and profitable too, it is hardly a surprising fact that this is one of the most popular trading bots in the market today.

However, one must always keep in mind that a good bot is merely the means to a tool to be used by the trader in order to maximize wins and minimize losses at the right time. The fact that HaasBot is 24×7 connected to the market makes it certain that the trader does not lose out on opportunities in the market due to an unavailability and is able to respond to risks as soon as possible rather than when the trader actually sees it (which may not be until quite later).


Haasbot Review: Features of HaasBot

There are a number of factors and features that HaasBot brings to the user, making it truly a great tool. Some of the main features are listed below.

1. Bots

With the user being able to decide what kind of bots he or she wishes to access, the control given to users is enormous. With 15 different bots for various functions, HaasBot offers different pricing ranges for different bots.

With a variety of bots from those handling simple trades to those executing strategies and dealing with important high-value cryptocurrencies, the user can pick and choose as per their convenience. This makes sure that the bot meets all their demands and requirements for the highest profit.

2. Insurances

These are the defining moments or conditions that must happen in order for a trade to take effect. This would give the bot a set of rules that will in turn minimize losses and ensure that your profits are secure. Some of these insurances are

  1. a) Absolute Price Change and percentage price change
  2. b) Overcome fees
  3. c) Never buy higher

All these ensure a certain amount of security as far as the user is concerned, taking care of the fact that trades are carried out in the best possible condition and that the user is bound to win. This also gives the bot clear instructions and a rule set to follow to the tee.

3. Safeties

Safeties, as the name suggests, is an event that triggers a trade, be it a buy or a sell. This trade occurs so that the user is protected from any subsequent losses due to large drops in the market. Some examples of safeties are

a) Price pump, which follows the upward trend of a price and drops at the first sign of a plummet, thereby preventing losses.

b) Stop Loss Fixed Price, which sets a price below which the bot sells automatically, preventing losing out on a trade.

c) Deactivate after n trades, which puts a limit on the amount of trades, blocking out any trades after the number is reached.

4. Technical Indicators

These are factors that the trader can make use of to analyze market conditions and can be set to determine trades. With a number or indicators available depending on your price range of choice, users have the freedom to depend on a large number of indicators. Some of these are

a) RSI, or Relative Strength Index

b) Fixed Buy/Sell

c) Rate of Change

5. Backtesting

Especially useful for newcomers, HaasBot allows you to carry out historical and real-time back testing, making your strategies work on real data and therefore making you comfortable with the ways of the market. This helps you improve your strategies and come up with better ones until you find one that can truly work in the live crypto market before starting to trade. Back testing almost works as a simulation, making you comfortable with the crypto market.

6. Automated trading

With HaasBot taking care of trading, you do not have to worry about losing out on opportunities or not responding fast enough, which lifts a huge weight from your shoulders. In addition, as you feed your strategy, you do have control over the trades that happen. This is the perfect way to give you stress-free profits and avoid or minimize risks and losses to a maximum extent.

7. Notification and reporting

HaasBot integrates the software directly with Telegram in an effort to be connected to the user and make them aware of trades that have already happened. This keeps users in the loop at all times and gives them reports on trades, profits, losses, and other data.


Can we really make money with Haasbot?

While it would be difficult for absolute beginners to make money, since HaasBot is mainly aimed at those who understand the market, that is not to say that HaasBot cannot rake in good profits. If one has the right strategy, the trader is bound to make money with HaasBot. Striking the right plan might take some time, which is why back testing is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the market.

Since the bot is tuned into the market to make continuous trades, the response to the dynamic nature of the market is quite frequent, making sure that you can gain decent profits even from pure hobbyist trading.

Advantages of Haasbot

A few advantages of HaasBot are as follows

  1. The all new web interface gives a user friendly vibe in terms of both functionality and appearance. With this visual appeal, trading becomes a treat, and many users have reported high satisfaction with the layout and more.
  2. A large number of indicators, with many being added to the list, helps users make informed trades by adding to their portfolios and bringing in a large profit margin. The fact that newer indicators are updated to the list only brings assurance that the bot is keeping up with the market. After all, a dynamic market with such a high volatility requires an equally fast-paced bot to make all the right decisions.
  3. Due to the highly personal interactions with its users, HaasBot has a loyal client base. Users are always informed via Telegram, support forums, wiki, and other methods of direct contact. In addition, the developers make it a point to get regular insights from users and make changes and tweaks as per their requirements and requests. In fact, if any user comes up with a truly good idea, the team will surely implement it.
  4. Multiple exchanges are always an advantage and are generally seen as ‘the more, the better’. And HaasBot supports a whopping 20 as of now, with more likely to come on board in the future. This makes sure that users do not miss out on a profitable trade and are blessed with equal opportunities and enough information to make well-informed decisions and trade wisely.
  5. Due to HaasOnline offering near-granular control over the bots, users have a large amount of authority over them. This protects their assets and investments as they see fit and effectively prevents market crashes and other flash attacks.
  6. Safety and security of their users is a big deal for HaasBot, and their top-notch team does a great deal at making sure your trades are secure.

Disadvantages of Haasbot

Since it is very crucial that users know both the pros and cons before investing in a trading bot, it is imperative that you realise the risks associated with HaasBot as well as the disadvantages of the same. This goes a long way in making sure you make all the right choices. To do so, you must decide whether these disadvantages are things you can compromise on or if they are deal breakers for you.

  1. If you are an absolute beginner, HaasBot might prove to be a bit difficult as it is not easy to configure bots without knowing at least a basic outline of how the market functions. HaasBots stick to the middle ground as beginners are often made to face a rather steep learning curve and take decisions before they are comfortable with the ideas.

On the other hand, more experienced users could use a lot more features. While this might not be a big deal for those willing to dive right in, it would be fatal for those who invest a lot without a clue and no knowledge of the right strategies.

Nor can they depend on signals from the outside or other traders’ strategies, unlike other trading bots. Thus it remains true that the bot is not very easy to use, especially for new users.

  1. Customer care is not available in a lot of languages. This may not be a huge disadvantage, but it might be troublesome and even challenging for certain customers who might face language barriers.
  2. Lack of proper support for mobile devices leaves users at a loss. The web interface might not be enough as they would also prefer to stay informed on the move. The company has plans to develop support for iOS and Android apps. The fact that users cannot stay notified and shut down or turn on bots on the go via mobile devices is nonetheless a cause for concern.
  3. The lack of a trial version is one of the biggest disadvantages. Most other trading bots provide a trial that can help the user judge whether the bot meets his or her requirements. Although one might take user testimonials as proof, most people would like to get a preview before making the purchase. A large fraction of users would be apprehensive about making this investment before trying out the bot.
  4. The lack of a cloud-based hosting platform calls for harder time setting up and configuring the bot, which might be too cumbersome a process for many.
  5. The need to install and constantly update the software along with space requirements is a huge turn off.

Haasbot Pricing

Three different tiers of HaasBot are at three levels, and the user can subscribe to either 3, 6 or 12 months and opt for either a beginner, an advanced, or a simple pack based on requirements.



It is true that HaasBot is one of the most popular trading bots, but it is aimed primarily towards those who have sufficient familiarity with the crypto market. With no way to check whether it is right for you, you would have to depend entirely on the testimonials of other users.


HaasBot is the right fit if you have some experience dealing with trade and are looking to apply your existing knowledge and strategies onto a platform to make use of multiple factors and indicators to come up with a strategy that can navigate the nuances of this volatile market. It requires a local machine to be run at all times, but is sure to bring in profits with some experience.


The fact that trading bots are the future of crypto trade is quite clear seeing as they can respond to any change much faster than a human can. They are not plagued by human emotions or frustrations and do not tire. With the ability to make purely logical decisions based on algorithms which have nothing to do with instinct, all these make the bots the perfect tool to use.


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