Trading Bot Review 2020

With cryptocurrency becoming more and more popular as days go by, cryptocurrency bots are enjoying the same fate, too. There are some bots who are more popular than the others, and there are some who are slightly less spoken of. Of course, there are bots who have stood the test of time since their inception, and rode the highs and lows of the market like a champ. There are also some who have faded out in the face of immense competition.

But What is a bot in Crypto Terms?

A bot is actually a trading terminal in bitcoin, which in simple terms mean  that it allows the user to interact directly with the data that is currently present in the market. It supports a whole array of languages and makes the experience easy and simple for the users.

One such bot is the Margin bot or; which was previously known as Leonardo and was quite popular among users on the crypto platform. It was one of the best trading bots out there and had helped users all across the globe who had trouble understanding the flow of business and the world of cryptocurrency.

The name was changed because the ownership of the bot got changed. Even though its interface was good, it was becoming outdated as compared to the platform and hence, the previous owners sought out an opportunity to sell their popular bot. This is how Leonardo got a makeover from its new owners.

There was a new interface and a whole lot of new features which have resulted in it becoming even more popular among users. The list of features on Margin along with the support for a wide variety of exchanges make trading very easy for the users.

GET STARTED WITH MARGIN! Review: Features to Look for

Margin de logo

It does not require a lot of common sense to figure out that Margin has quite an impressive list of features and attributes that have helped it to stay on top of its game.

Some of them are discussed below.

1) Visual Trading Made Easy

Although trading was easier before the existence of  Margin, the new drag and drop feature that has been introduced later has been loved by users all across the globe. Trading with the help of charts and other forms of visual representation has spoilt users and it has become difficult for them to switch back to the older ways.

2) Access to bots

When you are on the Margin terminal, you get access to all the bots that are out there. As you know, the platform stays open all the time and there is always something going on. These bots look after your online trade 24X7, and make sure that you do not miss out on anything important even if you are not available all the time.

3) Better Analysis with Indicators

The technical indicators that are present on the platform allow you to analyse the market carefully,and help you to make the right decisions. It can help you predict the future prices of various coins and then you could make your decisions accordingly. Indicators such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI are vital tools in the market and give you an advantage over your competitors.

4) Ability to customize

With the Margin platform, you can customize the interface as and when you like. This can help you feel comfortable with it, and you could choose what to do with the platform as per your will.

5) Fully secure

You can be quite assured about the security of the platform. The APIs on the company servers are only a single encrypted part of the key and even if the servers are attacked, nobody would be able to access your private information.

Let’s talk about another important factor now. Pricing

When the competition is stiff, every player wants to beat the other one with whatever tool they might get their hands on. Pricing is one such factor, which may differentiate between a commercially successful tool and a failure. While there are some platforms which offer their services on a monthly basis, platforms like Margin charge their users only once when they are first bought.

One time charge system is quite beneficial for the customers as it ensures that you do not lose money even if you are stuck on a slow market for quite a bit of time.

Margin offers three packages. There is a starter package worth $89 which supports a single exchange, the standard package costs around $169 which has all supported exchanges, and the professional package costs around $1999 which in addition to all the features of the Starter and Standard packages, allows multiple API’s per exchange.

margin de pricing

Before you make your decision you could also check out the demo version that is available online. It would help you to get rid of any doubts or confusion, and help you make a wise decision regarding the purchase.


Can you Make money Using

This is probably the only question that matters. When you are paying a one-time fee, you could be assured that even if you the market is slow for some time, the amount you spent on the purchase would be recovered easily. Earning through your investments is a whole different proposition though.

Making a profit on the market depends on how smart you are, and how well you play your cards. You must be really smart with your investments and make sure that you are not taking unnecessary risks without any support to back yourself up. Hence, before you decide to jump on any opportunity, you must think it through completely and devise a strategy that would help you when things do not turn up the way you planned. Should you buy or not?

Trading bots are designed to make your life easier. It has various tools and accessories that provide you all the information you need and help you calculate the risks beforehand. All this minimizes the possibility of a bad investment and makes your venture safe. However,  you need to utilize it properly and not make decisions impulsively. Be careful, one bad decision can ruin your efforts at the end of the day.

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