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Facing balancing or mobility issues? Stress no more, with our list of best walkers with seat, you’ll find yourself at ease with a product that suits your lifestyle and health concerns. The National Health Interview Survey concluded a 57% increase in the use of walkers since the 1980s, amongst all ages.

In a lot of ways, using mobility tools like a walker or rollator, helps you get back the freedom and independence of movement. Moreover, relying on a rollator walker guarantees you a safer walk and permits you to stop being dependent on other individuals for help. 

So, take a seat, browse and let’s look at our handpicked collection of wheeled walkers.


Top 8 Best Walkers with Seat 2020

1. Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat

Coming in three colour variants–red, white and black–the Medline Premium Empower Rollator is a cart full of features. Supporting an ergonomic design, it offers easy assembly along with a foldable system allowing the consumer ease of storage and transportation. 

The structural design provides a wide adjustable range, proving to be suitable for a larger user base. The walker supports upto 300lbs weight and can be used by consumers heighted between 4’11 to 6’4 inches. 

Featuring 8-inch wheels and handles with a 4-inch adjustable range, it provides extra stability. However, with an overall width of 26’5 inches, this product can’t be used in a standard sized home but is ideal for outdoor use. 

Curated specially for seniors, Medline supports a user-friendly design through their easy-to-use handheld breaks, foldable memory foam seat and brightly marked adjustable points. Additionally, with a built-in Microban antibacterial technology on touch points, it fights off possible infections to the user by preventing bacterial or fungal odours and stains.

Lastly, with a cushioned reversible backrest, the rollator also includes a removable under-seat storage pouch. Weighing 17lbs, it is one of the best walkers with seat under 200$.

2. Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator

One of the budget friendly options on our list, the Drive Medical Rollator fulfils the basic requirements expected from a rollator walker. It provides sturdy support along with a padded seat. 

Since the seat is immovable, the handle bars can be adjusted from 31” to 36” to compensate for it. You can buy the rollator in either red or blue, without worrying about the colour fading away. 

The 7.5-inch non-marring wheels allow the walker to run smoothly over uneven and rough terrains, increasing the product’s usability area. Additionally, the wheels are equipped with easy-to-use loop locks which are helpful in avoiding potential risks and emergencies. 

Besides increased mobility, the product comes along with a small pouch to store everyday essentials. The cushioned backrest can be easily used to fold the walker to a more compact size which is crucial for portability and storage. 

However, the sole backdraw is the absence of locks to secure the walker after its folded, which might cause a hindrance in its transportation. Even though the product is slightly heavy, it doubles up as a chair and provides maximum comfort and reliable stability without burning a hole in your pocket. 

If you’re looking for a product that covers your basic necessity and is durable, then the Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator should be your choice of buy.

3. Hugo Elite Rollator Walker

Designed by Hugo Mobility, the Elite Rollator is one of their higher-end products, coming in an attractive pacific blue colour. The structural design includes 8-inch swivel  wheels which allows the product to be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

With an 18lb frame and height adjustable seat and handles, it can accommodate users with a height range between 4’3 to 6’2 inches. It offers a tool-free assembly with an easily collapsible frame, making it easier for consumers to store and transport the walker. However, the seat is made out of regular padding and plastic seams fused together which wears out easily. 

Even so, the Rollator is highly recommended for their easy maneuverability and reliable stability. It uniquely features a locking system which can be applied by simply pushing the brake handles. Moreover, the Hugo Mobility is known for their exceptional customer service which makes both the buying and using experience streamlined. 

The product’s under seat storage compartments are equipped to protect the materials inside even if they’re perishable items like a newspaper. Also, its ability to lock itself automatically once folded is another feature why it is the best walkers with seat.

Weighing under 18lbs, this Rollator can be an ideal travel companion for you to depend on.

4. Hugo Mobility Portable Rollator Walker

Designed with your independence in mind, the Hugo Hugo Mobility Portable Rollator Walker with Seat is known for its ergonomic design. Featuring Hugo’s patented design, the handle bars have a unique bump that fits naturally in the user’s palms.

Additionally, the size adjustable handles have been uniquely placed to provide extra support to your wrists, allowing easier access to brakes as well. The co-molded rubber material absorbs vibrations, thus providing a smooth user experience. 

It offers a better padded seat than the Elite Rollator and is also equipped with all weather covering. The walker includes a brake lock system and a spacious under seat storage bag. 

Supporting 8-inch wheels, it provides the user with a bump free ride even when used on rough and uneven surfaces. As the name suggests, the Rollator walker can be quickly folded and unfolded by the user, making it compatible for transportation. 

If you’re looking for a walker that is both lightweight and durable, then this is just the right walker with seat and wheels for you!

5. OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator Walker

The OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator Walker stands apart in our list solely due to its innovative design. The unique 1.5mm, series 7 aluminium frame of this rollator walker has been painted in metallic colours using an advanced craft technique, making it look classier along with increased durability.

 It comes with a padded seat, a thickened back belt as a backrest and a cup holder. Featuring cordless brakes, this walker with seat is safer and reduces the risks related to machinery fails, thus providing assurance of reliability to the user. However, it is not ideal for taller individuals since the height of the walker is non-adjustable. 

Coming to its unique feature that sets it apart from other products, this Rollator Walker is equipped with anti-skid rubber wheels with the front two sized 8 inches and the back two being 10 inches. These anti-skid wheels protect the walker from being toppled over and glides easily over soft and hard surfaces alike. 

Moreover, the product features a compact design like no other in the market. It allows you to easily navigate through narrow areas by adjusting the frame width. Additionally, with removable rear legs and foldable front wheels, it can fit into something as convenient as a travel case. 

6. Healthcare Direct 100RA Steel Rollator Walker

The Healthcare Direct Rollator is yet another reliable product that has been designed to serve mobility aid. Made up of steel, it sets aside your durability issues right from the start. 

Even though the wheels are 6 inches–smaller when compared with others–it still is a comfortable device that can be used indoors. Moreover, it has a comparatively smaller width of 23.75 inches which permits it to pass through an average sized door easily.

With a square shaped padded seat, this Rollator also includes a waterproof pouch under the seat which can be used to store items. With bare minimum pressure required for brake access, it is useful for individuals with low wrist strengths.

Additionally, the loop style brake mechanism gives the user extra control of the walker and the push down locking and pull up unlocking system ensures safety. It also supports upto 350lbs user weight which is 50lbs more than what a majority of walkers offer.  

The wheeled walker by Healthcare is lightweight, practical and pocket-friendly and provides the consumer with a satisfied experience.

7. Medline – B079PG3BR3 Rollator Walker

Falling under our budget friendly options, the rollator walker by Medline is yet another product that successfully checks the boxes of required features that are expected from a walker. 

Featuring 6-inch wheels, the walker can be safely used indoors; however, it would add a risk of falling when used over rough terrains due to its low stability. Even so, this rollator walker is one of the very few products that offer a weight capacity of maximum 350lbs, thus making it suitable for individuals who are looking for a higher-weight-ranged product.

It comes with a non-adjustable padded seat due to which it’s not user-friendly with taller people. However, the hand grips are adjustable from 31 inches to 35 inches, thus allowing consumers a better customized fit. 

With easy assembly and folding, the rollator can be used for transportation with no difficulty. Just like others, it comes with a storage compartment that can be used for personal belongings. 

The Medline Rollator walker is indeed lightweight and less expensive; however, when compared with other products falling under the same price range, the Medline rollator falls short of a few more handy features that could’ve been offered at the same cost.

8. ProBasics Transport Rollator Walker with Seat and Wheels

One of the premium options in our list, the ProBasics Rollator has been designed to go an extra mile of comfort by providing foldable footrests. True to its name, the ease of portability is the unique selling point of this product. 

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, it promotes function over looks. However, the product is an ideal option for short to average heighted individuals weighing below 250lbs. Doubling up as a transport wheelchair, the walker is a value for money buy. 

It offers a padded seat along with two cushioned rods as a backrest, which helps you maintain posture and supports your spinal cord while sitting. Additionally, the product includes lockable hand brakes as well as wheel locks, ensuring a thorough safety check. 

Offering 8-inch castors for extra stability, water resistant nylon storage pouch and a user friendly design, the unit covers the fundamental requirements that are expected out of a mobility aid device. 

However, with non-adjustable seats as narrow as 14’25 inches, the product is primarily made to function as a stand up walker rather than a transport rollator. And even though the product weighs more when compared to other products, the Probasic Rollator still stands out as being one of the most practical products ever innovated. 

With excellent customer service and a product warranty, the ProBasics Transport Rollator is an ideal choice of a walker with seat and wheels. If you’re looking for a versatile and multi-functional mobility aid, then this is just the right rollator walker for you.


Rollators are indeed a creative innovation coming in a variety of sizes and styles. It is an ideal solution to help regain the confidence and mobility that everyone requires. However, it’s crucial to look at a few essential factors before you settle down one. The right model should satisfy all your needs in order to help your mobility issues.

By helping you understand the factors to be considered before shopping for a walker, our list of ten cost-effective, flexible and durable rollators will help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re at home or in an assisted living community, reduced mobility shouldn’t stop you from maintaining an active social life. 

Factors to consider before buying a Rollator Walker

1. Comfort

Before any other aspect, let’s talk about how important comfort is. Even if you found the correctly sized and heighted walker for yourself, chances are that you would still face difficulties.

In order to overcome any form of discomfort, you need to make sure that the seat is wide enough for your body type, it’s well cushioned and the backrest provides enough support for your spinal cord. Since these products are manufactured to aid mobility, it’s imperial for them to fit you and your lifestyle as well. 

2. Capacity 

When looking for the best walkers with seat, it is necessary to ensure that the weight capacity of the rollator is higher than your weight. For example, if you weigh around 300lbs, you would require a walker that supports a maximum capacity of 350lbs. 

It’s important to note this factor or you will end up exposing yourself to a risk of breaking the product and hurting yourself.  

3. Brakes

The brake system of any piece of mobile machinery is a crucial factor to not. Without a proper brake access, the product might do you more harm than good. Rollator brakes come in two choices, loop and push down brakes. 

While some rollator walkers offer both choices, a majority of them offer only one. Before making a choice, keep in mind to look for an option that would be quicker to use and easier to access.  

  • Push down brakes

Handheld brakes would provide you with more control over your product; however, if you have weak wrists, then this might not be a suitable option for you. Push down brakes often call for increased pressure, and if the rollator doesn’t offer angled positioning of the handles, you might end up injuring your wrists. Since everyone has a different finger dexterity, loop down brakes can be considered as well. 

  • Loop down brakes

These brakes are similar to the ones that are equipped in bicycles. It offers an instant braking action when you simultaneously use both your hands and a squeeze on the braking system. This cabled brake system is more common these days and is offered in a majority of rollators.  

  • Seat width

Since you are looking for your rollator walker to double up as a chair to sit and relax, having a narrow seat wouldn’t be useful. In order to ensure maximum comfort, measure the distance between the armrests and look for a wider seat. 

  • Height 

The height range of the rollator walker is another basic feature to look out for. You would want to buy a product that offers a range of adjustable height settings that will allow you to customize it according to your body type. If you’re looking to retake your measurement, the best way is to measure the height between your elbows to the floor, while keeping your elbows slightly bent.  

  • Locking mechanism

Along with the braking system, yet another important safety measure to account for is the locking mechanism of the product. You wouldn’t want the rollator to move when you’re trying to sit and relax, right? Since it isn’t possible to maintain a constant grip on the brakes, the locking feature is a necessity to look out for before buying a walker.

There are several other factors to account for before deciding on the best walkers with seat, such as the backrest, overall width and storage compartments. However, with the factors we’ve mentioned, you would be able to make an informed decision on the best rollator walker to buy. 

Best Walkers with Seat – The Conclusion

Whether you face weight-related issues, have trouble balancing yourself or even need a little support, there is a right type of rollator walker for your situation and condition. 

However, while you browse for the right model, be aware that using a rollator walker might cause a few side-effects as well. If your wrists start aching or you feel extreme pressure on your hands, make sure you visit a doctor and choose a product that aligns with your prescription.

It isn’t easy coping up with balance and mobility issues. It leaves you feeling less confident about yourself and more dependent on others. However, Rollator walkers are a technological advancement that has helped several individuals to get back up on their own two feet. 

With the best walkers with seat, you can easily support your weight on the device and enjoy safer, longer walks. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the products above because once you do, it will be a step forward to feeling liberated and independent. 

Once you’ve purchased the product, you will undoubtedly experience increased mobility and stability that the right wheeled walker will provide you.  


1. What is a walker with a seat called?

A walker with a seat is called a rollator, which essentially means ‘a rolling walker with a seat.’ A rollator is an easier to use product than a walker since it doesn’t require you to lift it while walking. Instead, the best walkers with seat would be able to partially support your weight.

2. Why should I use a walker with a seat?

Rollator walkers offer increased stability and maneuverability. If you’re someone who’s facing fatigue, balance or mobility issues, then you should opt for a walker with a seat that will help aid your movement. 

3. What size wheels are best for a walker?

Since a lot of your weight is supported by the rollator walker, it is essential to look for one that is large sized to provide extra grip on the floor. Ideally, the best walkers with seat would include 6 to 8-inch wheels that are required for increased stability. 

4. What is the correct height for a walker? 

In order to ensure the suitable rollator height for you, the height between the floor and your elbows should match the height when you’re using the rollator standing up. Make sure that your elbow is slightly bent both while you measure and use the product to avoid pressure on your elbow joints. 

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